ARTCONTACT Istanbul Conditions of participation

  • Individual participation of an artist is not allowed.
  • Galleries, artists and art-works not approved by the Selection Committee will not be allowed to take participation.
  • Minimum stand rental is 25sqm. On the walls of this stand the art-works of maximum 2 painters and in the middle - maximum 2 Sculptor’ artworks may be exposed. In the stands gretaer than 25sqm, on the walls of each 10sqm the art-works of one additional artist and for each 25sqm in the middle plus two more artists’ art-works will be allowed to be exposed.
  • Sculptures participation is possible individually in the outdoor area.
  • Art-Works of artists excepting the works of non-commercial concerns are not allowed to be exhibited at another stand during the same fair.
  • Dead-line for applications: October 15, 2020

    • National and international art galleries
    • Contemporary art museums
    • Art educational institutions and organisations
    • Art materials companies
    • Art associations / foundations
    • Collectors
    • Mass-media
    • Bookstores / Publishers

    Exhibiting Categories