ArtContact Istanbul is preparing an indoor and outdoor area of more than 16 thousand m2 where indoor area is without columns and a ceiling height of sixteen meters at Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center, one of the contemporary venues suitable for Art Fairs and easy to reach.

The fair, where artists and galleries can participate, will include museums, educational institutions, companies that produce art materials. Conferences, interviews and concerts will be held in two different halls, and Street Art and sculpture exhibitions will be held in outdoor area.

While art has an indispensable role in the formation of civilizations, it remains up-to-date in the search for the promotion of art as a value throughout society.

With the creation of new opportunities for art to meet with society, art fairs come to the agenda as a method of artistic sharing.

We want to realize the experience we have gained with ArtForum Ankara, which we have held in Ankara between 2004 and 2009, and ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair, which we have held for six years, and our Works especially in neighboring countries.

We believe that ArtContact Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, which will be held on 11-15 November 2020, will contribute to the development of the art environment and markets.

We invite our artists and all art friends to our fair with the belief that the creative, developer and sharing power of art will be a new light source.